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Center for Life Solutions, is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment rehab in Hazelwood, Missouri. Focusing on changing the lives of those affected by drug and alcohol addiction, the addiction counselors at Center for Life Solutions aim to do everything in their power to make their patients feel comfortable in their newfound surroundings and provide them with the most effective treatment possible.

Treating all addictions, as well as underlying psychological disorders that may have contributed to the birth of the addiction, is paramount when being treated at a high-quality drug and alcohol rehab in Hazelwood, Missouri. This, amongst other reasons, is why Center for Life Solutions offers certain treatment approaches that have been proven to work. These treatment approaches may include: Personalized Treatment Plan. Addiction treatment options are available to 18+ and Center for Life Solutions accepts specific insurances, such as: Medicaid, Medicare, Most Insurances.

It's important to strive in helping those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction to build a solid foundation for a renewed and improved future. Despite the severity of an addict's addiction, recovery is possible. With the proper treatment plan in place, addiction treatment patients can accomplish all of their goals and more. Get in touch with Center for Life Solutions by visiting their website at to get started.

Google Reviews

  4.0   1 month ago

I've unfortunately been a client here for too many years to mention. I also have increasing anxiety in public places, especially around other addicts who constantly break the rules not only at the clinic but in life as well. People without handicap placards are constantly parking in the handicapped spots and in the section marked "NO PARKING." Heaven forbid if they were to need an ambulance and fire truck while others are haphazardly parked where they know they shouldn't. It's meant to be a fire lane because big trucks can't fit up front. This clinic had to move to this location because patrons were doing the exact opposite of taking care of the place and are doing the same thing at the new location, trash everywhere--like cups, cigarette butts, napkins, and various other papers and trash. I'm trying to stay sober, which means doing the right thing. It is my opinion that people coming here to get help should change their ways and want to be better people. Don't use this medicine as a crutch. Use it to free yourself of opiates forever, which is exactly what I've been slowly doing for the past few years. I would have given 5 stars if the security was not so lackadaisical. The older man that is there most of the time now has no clue how to prioritize and easily gets overwhelmed. When the lobby is crowded, he lets people yell to each other and use their phones, also breaking the rules. The old security guard would tell everyone to pipe down. He'd leave the door between the lobby and the dosing area open, which meant "shut the hell up!" And it was total silence, heaven. I constantly tell this new security guard about cars in the handicapped spots without placards and about garbage everywhere, but it seems like he just doesn't care or doesn't have time or energy to fiddle with it. I've NEVER seen him do a walk of the lot. People stand and talk out there even though they know they're not supposed to do it. I guess I'll just keep Hazelwood PD on speed dial since CLS isn't doing anything about my security or about the lack of handicapped spots and fire lanes. Lastly, I am very grateful for this clinic. I would probably be dead had it not been for CLS. They have helped me in so many ways. I've been clean since 2011 and now have a college education thanks to the support that I've received from their staff and counselors. I have had quite a few counselors in the many yrs that I've been there. Some I've not been very fond of, but some I've wholeheartedly adored. It is so true that you MUST change your people, places, & things in order to keep a successful recovery. This is a disease that can affect anyone and will NEVER go away. It's up to us to fight it with everything we have until we feel we're about to give up...then, we get back up and fight some more. You cannot become complacent with this disease. Once you do, that demonic addiction creeps right back up to say hello. Stay strong. Keep it simple. Just for today.

  5.0   8 months ago

The staff is wonderful, caring and knowledgeable. The programming is insightful, helpful and life saving. Highly recommended.

  5.0   9 months ago

  5.0   10 months ago

  4.0   10 months ago

One thing to remember before you go to a place for treatment is have to want it and it's up to you to follow the rules. Really all they require til you phase up is two appts with your counselor and two group sessions FOR THE WHOLE month and during your first month they want to get you at a stable dose and will work with you if you're really ready to get your disease in check yall! They love their clients that try really try and they offer some really great counselors and groups all days they open. Come on guys what other treatment center in this city takes Medicaid, and has simple enough expectations while you stabilize and find your recovery path? Try harder. Dont post negativity on these guys bc that only happens to ppl who won't try to comply with very easy expectations .

  5.0   1 year ago

The nurses, security, counselors, and even the owner tries to make sure they are doing their best to help you in whatever way you need and get to know you. The staff really does the best they can with what and who they are given to work with.

  5.0   1 year ago

  5.0   2 years ago

  5.0   2 years ago

  5.0   2 years ago

Life saver

  4.0   3 years ago

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