Klonopin Addiction

Prescription drugs have changed the face of most modern addicts. Millions of substance abusers across the country and in Saint Louis have turned drugs like Klonopin that are designed to treat medical condition into drugs of abuse. Klonopin abuse however, occurs for more than the desire to get high. Savvy substance abusers use this drug in conjunction with others to amp up the pleasure quotient of the primary drug and to minimize negative side effects. Nevertheless, Klonopin abuse has been sending individuals to the emergency room and into rehab facilities for Klonopin addiction treatment.

Klonopin is the market name for clonazepam which is a benzodiazepine type of drug. Medically, this drug has anxiolytic, anticonvulsion, hypnotic and muscle relaxant properties. It is primarily used to prevent and treat epileptic seizures, panic attacks and a movement disorder known as Akathisia.

How Klonopin Addiction Occurs

Addiction to Klonopin can occur if patients or recreational users take this drug daily in high doses for an extended period of time. Some studies show that a physical dependence on Klonopin can develop in as little as two weeks, even if the drug is used as prescribed by a physician. Also, people with previous addictions to alcohol or other chemical substances may be at a greater risk of experiencing addiction.

Effects of Klonopin

When this drug is ingested orally, users can begin to feel its effects within an hour. The effects can last from six to twelve hours. Some common side effects associated with this drug includes dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, impaired motor function, coordination and balance. In some studies, previous medical conditions such as pulmonary complications and bipolar disorder symptoms were aggravated while on Klonopin. Other side effects associated with this drug includes:

  • Irritability, anger and rage
  • Restlessness excitement and impulsivity
  • Drowsiness,

Withdrawal Symptoms

Many individuals trying to halt daily Klonopin use describe the withdrawal symptoms as extremely painful. Because the range and the severity of Klonopin withdrawal symptoms can vary with each individual, detoxing in a medically controlled facility is a safer alternative to detoxing at home. The continuum of care provided during our detoxification procedures are designed to monitor, decrease and stabilize symptoms as well as mitigate any medical crisis situation that may be exacerbated by the withdrawal process.

Danger of Chronic Use of Klonopin

The danger associated with the habitual use of this medication is directly related to the fact that most substance abusers combine this drug with other chemicals such as alcohol. This blending of drugs can significantly increase the effects of the drug. Sudden cessation after using Klonopin for a long period of time can also pose a serious threat to users. In some individual protracted withdrawal last for months. If addiction to Klonopin cause irreversible brain damage, these withdrawals can last for the rest of the individual's lifetime. This occurs in about 10 – 15% of individual that have indulged in long term use of Klonopin.

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