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It is possible to find drug and alcohol treatment at your fingertips, it's just a phone call away. The Saint Louis alcohol abuse centers, focus on alcohol and drug rehabs. Call today if you need help finding treatment centers at 314-558-2297. Addiction is serious, many people struggle with various forms of it, from cell phone addiction to food to drugs and alcohol. Let's learn a bit more about drugs and alcohol and then we can talk more about how to find alcohol and drug rehab.

What is alcohol and what are slang terms for it?

Alcohol is a substance that contains ethyl alcohol or ethanol and is considered a depressant. Ethanol is an ingredient in many alcoholic substances that is made through the fermentation of yeast, sugars and starches. Many times alcohol is called; booze, juice, sauce or brew.

What are risks associated with consuming alcohol?

Alcohol impairs judgement and coordination and can possible increase aggressiveness. If Alcohol is used in excess and in short periods of time, alcohol poisoning can occur and can sometimes lead to death.

Who is at risk?

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2015 taken on college students ages 18-22, 58.0 % of college students had consumed alcohol in the last month and 37.9 % participated in binge drinking. These statistics show that college students are a very large part of the at-risk group and on top of that this age group also has the most significant consequences including arrest and death.

What are some commonly abused drugs?

There are many harmful effects on the body due to drug use not to mention alter one's judgement. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse the most commonly abused drugs, including alcohol are:

  • Ayahuasca
  • Cocaine
  • DMT
  • GHB
  • Hallucinogens
  • Heroin
  • Inhalants
  • Ketamine
  • Khat
  • Kratom
  • LSD
  • Marijuana
  • MDMA
  • Mescaline
  • Over-the-counter cold and cough medications
  • PCP
  • Prescription Opioids
  • Prescription Sedatives
  • Psilocybin
  • Rohypnol
  • Salvia
  • Steroids
  • Tobacco

Drug use:

It is very common for people who have never used drugs or have never become addicted to wonder how people can become addicted, judging a user's character, morals and will power. Where, in reality, one's will power is not the main problem. Drug addiction is a complex disease due to the fact that drugs change the brain making quitting the addiction something more than just having will power or a strong character.

There are some of the best rehab centers Saint Louis that can help a drug addict to find the road to recovery. The initial stance that a user will take to stand up to their addiction can be voluntary, but after repeated use, it makes it more difficult to enter into rehab due not only to the addiction but to the chemical imbalances in the brain. Sometimes these chemical changes cause relapses, which doesn't mean that the treatment isn't working, it just means that treatment is something that needs to be ongoing, just like with other diseases or sicknesses. Not to mention that treatment must always be fit to the patient and their needs.

Saint Louis Alcohol Abuse Centers

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in 2014 alcohol was still viewed as one of the major reasons for people to enter publicly funded treatment centers in Missouri apart from other primary drug problems with stimulants and heroin.

The alcohol and drug rehab centers are the best rehab centers Saint Louis which provide various ways for users to overcome their addictions either as an impatient or an outpatient. Each of the treatments are personalized allowing you or your loved one to find the best treatment. The centers allows you to feel safe knowing that you have experienced staff and many individuals around you, often in the same situation, to support you or your loved one on the road to recovery.

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